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Paua shell necklaces, pendants and brooches, abalone pendants, necklaces, abalone jewellery

Paua shell earrings, abalone earrings

Paua shell bracelets, abalone bracelets

Black pearl shell jewellery, earrings, pendants and necklaces

Maori bone jewellery - carvings, fish hooks, hei matau, tiki, koru, twists, manaia

New Zealand Greenstone carvings - jade / pounamu / greenstone earrings, pendants and bracelets, New Zealand Jade jewellery

New Zealand Marsden Jade, Flower Jade, Jade in silver earrings and necklaces, designed by Alf Moreton

Accessories - Sterling Silver snake chains, rubber neck cords

What is Greenstone / pounamu / jade / nephrite?

What is Paua shell?

How to care for you Paua jewellery

Meanings of Maori Symbols

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» Paua shell necklaces,
pendants and brooches
» Paua shell earrings
» Black pearl shell jewellery
» NZ Greenstone / Jade Jewellery
pendants, earrings and bracelets
» NZ Jade in Silver Jewellery
Unique Greenstone / Flower Jade pendants & earrings, Alfred Moreton
» NZ Jade in Silver Jewellery II
Greenstone necklaces & earrings
» Maori bone pendants
Hei Matau (fish hooks), Twists, Koru, Tiki, Manaia and more
» Accessories
Sterling Silver Snake chains,
Rubber neck cords, Leather cords
What is Paua shell?
Meaning of Maori symbols
NZ Greenstone/Jade/pounamu
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