Symbols used in Maori Bone and Greenstone carvings
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Hei Matau - Fish Hooks - NZ Bone and greenstone fish hook necklaces
Fish hooks symbolise provision and prosperity. The wearer provides companionship, support in times of need, love and food if the wearer is a hunter or fisherman. It is also said to provide safe journey over water.

Koru - the unfolding fern frond - the NZ Koru necklace
The symbol of new growth, new life, peace and tranquility. The koru also depicts endearment in the form of the relationship of a parent and a child or husband and wife. The koru can also represent a new begininning.

Hei-Tiki - the first man
The Maori believe Hei-Tiki was the first man in the Maori world; he came from the stars. Hei-Tiki is a powerful good-luck symbol. Tilted head is thinking, hand is strength, mouth communication, heart is love and loins fertility. The wearer of the Hei-Tiki is assumed to be clear-thinking, perceptive, loyal and knowledgeable; their strength is their character.

The Path of life - the figure eight - Twists & crossovers
NZ greenstone single twist or double twist necklace
Single Twist - The figure eight - the path of life, the eternity symbol
Double Twist - Infinity
Triple Twist - the joining together of two people, peoples, two cultures for eternity, even though they experience highs and lows of life they remain bonded by friendship and loyalty for life.

Te Manaia - the Guardian Angel
Te Manaia has the head of a bird, the body of a man, and the tail of a fish, representing the balance between sky, earth and water. Te Manaia as the Guardian Angel, has a special role in the Maori world. It can be described as the unseen light surrounding each individual. Every person on earth has a Guardian Angel.

Patu and Mere
Weapon or club wielded for emphasis to exhortation.  Modern usage symbolises facing and overcoming life's challenges and difficulties.

Mere or Toki
Traditionally a carving tool, the meaning is one of strength, control, determination and focus, everything one needs when one is carving.  This is a great gift for a guy, or for anyone needing inner strength or determination.

Circle or Disc:
The circle of life which includes the path of life ever on-going with no beginning or end, there fore is contained and complete.

Dolphins & whales:
These are symbols of protection. This symbol of protection encompasses the friendship and companionship words cannot express of the complex relationship between these mammals and Maori. Often symbolises harmony and friendship.

A symbol of friendship.

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Acknowledgement: We wish to thank Matthew Eru Wepa for allowing us to reproduce parts of his book 'Symbols of the Maori World' for the purpose of the above explanations.

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